Environmental, Health and Safety

EHS Commitment

The Management and staff of IGLOO is committed to continuous improvement and ensuring that all personnel observe Safe, Healthy, and Environmentally Friendly Work Practices, thereby reducing accident occurrence and pollution, so as to be the Number One Supply Chain Solutions Company in Asia Pacific.

EHS Objectives

To Cultivate a Responsible, Caring & Safety-Conscious Organization through Environmental, Health and Safety programs.

EHS Policy

IGLOO is committed to incorporating a Safe, Healthy and Environmentally Friendly work culture, in compliance to legal and other requirements, so as to exceed our Customers' expectations through continuing Operational and Service Excellence.

EHS In-house Rules and Regulations

  1. Smoking is prohibited except at designated areas. Open fires or exposed flames are prohibited.
  2. Permits are required for any contractor work or hazardous work, except pre-authorized and approved regular resident contractors such as cleaners.
  3. Do not enter any prohibited areas without permission.
  4. Please apply wheel chock / wedge for truck / chassis for your vehicles during unloading.
  5. Do not obstruct the designated pedestrian ways, exits, and fire fighting facilities.
  6. Do not take alcohol or drugs while working. Horseplay, fighting and gambling are prohibited within IGLOO premises.
  7. Please be responsible and perform pre-operation checks before use/operation of any tool/equipment.
  8. Follow ESH procedures and wear proper personnel protective equipment (PPE) at work.
  9. Where it is not reasonably practical to provide a secure foothold or handhold, any person who works at a height of more than 2 meters shall wear a safety harness.
  10. Do not make phone calls while operating the equipment. Operation of equipment must be safely stopped before attending to the phone call.
  11. Each person is liable for ensuring that work is carried out safely without endangering or causing injury or harm to any other persons.
  12. Report any unsafe conditions, unsafe behavior or acts to your managers for further action and rectification.
  13. Report immediate accidents to your supervisors, ESH and HR departments.

Safety In-house Rules and Regulations

  1. Wear proper PPE at all times.
  2. Display your badges at all times while on IGLOO premises.
  3. Strictly No Cameras, Decoders or any kind of image capturing or recording equipment allowed inside the warehouses.
  4. No spitting or littering is allowed inside the premises.
  5. "No Smoking" signs shall be strictly observed.
  6. Fighting and gambling are prohibited within Igloo premises.
  7. Ensure Security requirements are adhered to at all times.
  8. Present your belongings for Security check up.
  9. Should you have any concerns, please refer to our Security Officer.
  10. Action will be taken against any violation of Security requirements and may result in prohibition of entering IGLOO premises.
  11. Employees are to follow Security requirements strictly.